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The Story of Sailors & Brides

Sailors and Brides was created in the late 90s in Annapolis, USA by two British sport-sailors and an Australian entrepreneur who travelled round the globe with a vintage two master sailboat. Having enough money to buy the most luxurious goods, they were frustrated not being able to find the ultimate jacket for their travel adventures.

During a stop over in Annapolis they met an old marine jacket producer and spontaneously decided to create the ultimate fashion line for travel clothing. Coming from a rich heritage, they combine vintage craftsmanship with functionality and modern technologies and started to sell the collection exclusively to friends from yacht clubs.

In 2010 they met a hanseatic fashion professional who was so enthusiastic about the line that he evolved it into a new collection that put focus on a much broader range of clientele and attaracted worlds travelers of all kinds – not only sailors. Honesty, authenticity, functionality and the price of craftsmanship still remains as the DNA of the collection: Sailors and Brides was born!

Our Philosophy

Since the15th century, rightly being called the “Age of Exploration und Discovery“, European sailors and ships left the coastal waters of the Old World and embarked on their adventure on the vast “green sea of darkness”. First, Portuguese ships, than Spanish and finally Dutch ships set out to discover a world, they originally called the “Mundus Novus” – the New World. The costs were minimal, but the risks were high. Whole continents were discovered and explored. Fortunes have been made and new horizons opened. Since then, sailors where glorified as heroes. They travelled the 7 seas, engaged in adventures, fearlessly faced tides and other dangers and had mistresses – their brides – in every harbor. These brides were woman, who desperate to see the world and had a desire for a special man, just out of the ordinary. In order to attract these men, they have been known to dress sexy, being fashion-wise fearless and unconventional. Still having taste.

Functional clothing was already of high importance back then. The functional clothes of the sailors, which accompanied and protected them or their journeys through the centuries has been developed from the designers and tailors of the marine which were known for their idealism, purposefulness and savvy detailed blends of their creations. Uniforms were created for many different occasions and always consisted of perfectly matched crafted items. As much as the sailors loved the dangers of the seas they also enjoyed the colorful festivals with their brides at the already back then well-known places like Hamburg, Hongkong, Capetown, New York…

In our modern world things have changed. World travelling got less adventurous, but is still glamorous and often exhausting. The key-garment to wear for men and woman, is the jacket. It functions as a safe guard to store valuable, it warms, shelters and transports the image of its wearer. “Sailors and Brides” embodies the spirit of the ancient sailors by interpreting heritage with a modern twist, carefully selected materials and using the latest technology. The designs will therefore always carry the adventurous memories and pioneering spirits of the heroes of those days. “Sailors & Brides” provides the world-traveler of the new age who is travelling with ships, planes, trains and cars, with the opportunity to relive those quality days combined with the design of the new age. The brand stands for tradition craftsmanship, coupled with love for the detail and honest prices: real values are transmitted!

Finest materials and innovative designs lead to a real sense of familiarity! So to say: “A home away from home”


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